West of Tucson
   Saguaro National Park, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and Casa Tierra Bed & Breakfast

We experienced the unique environment of the Sonoran desert three ways: in a National Park, at a Museum, and from the deck of our B&B. We recommend all three!

  Take just a few steps down a trail in Saguaro National Park, and you're out of civilization and surrounded by century-old cacti. We were surprised at how plentiful they were, considering that they don't grow "arms" until they're 75...and at how tall they get.
  Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
The 21 acres maintained as the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum provide an introduction to the various environments in the Sonoran desert.
  As you meander over nearly two miles of paths, you get close-up looks at hundreds of native plant and animal species—including the coyote, black bear, roadrunner, prairie dogs, otters and bighorn sheep you see pictured.
  Casa Tierra B&B
Several B&Bs are available nearby on (private, bumpy, unpaved) roads leading into the desert.
  In the area around our inn, we saw a coyote sauntering down a wash, rabbits and quail looking for handouts at the patio door, and countless saguaro cacti standing like comical sentries watching each spectacular sunset.