Doors of historic Tucson, Mission San Xavier, Titan Missle Museum and Kitt Peak Observatory

The Tucson area offers attractions beyond its natural wonders. The city itself has some (literally) colorful historic districts.    
  Mission San Xavier del Bac
The San Xavier del Bac Mission south of town is a magnificently restored 18th century church that adds Moorish, Byzantine and American Indian influences to Catholicism. The Mission serves the Tohono O'odham.   The name of the tribe means "desert people"...it replaced what the Spanish had called them: the Papago, which means "bean-eaters."
  Titan Missle Museum
South on I-19 is the Titan Missile Museum. Of the 54 Titan sites that provided a nuclear deterrent during the 1960s, 70s and 80s, only this site remains intact. Your tour guides taking you down into the silo are all former workers at the missile site.
  Perhaps they'll give you the same opportunity Lorraine got: to turn the key that would have launched the missile. Old Titans are still being used to put satellites in orbit...so it is remarkable that the Air Force is allowing one to sit in this silo as a tourist attraction.
  Kitt Peak
Kitt Peak National Observatory stands on Tohono O'odham land nearly seven thousand feet high. It is home to 22 optical and two radio telescopes.   Take part in the evening program and you get to look through one of the smaller telescopes...but dress warmly!