A R E N A L    V O L C A N O

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Osa Peninsula

Puerto Viejo de Saripiqui

Central Valley


The top of Arenal Volcano is often enshrouded in clouds, like this view from our hotel when we arrived. Arenal Lodge is located on the active side of the volcano but is quite a distance away.
We stayed in one of their chalets (pictured above and circled at left).

When the clouds dispersed, this is the view we enjoyed from the chalet during the day...

...and at night. With binoculars we could clearly see the glowing boulders as they tumbled down the side of Arenal, sending sparks flying as they broke apart.

During the day, the same boulder activity looks a lot less dramatic. This photo was taken from Arenal National Park on the opposite side of the volcano.
We took a guided hike in the national park and walked through lava-boulder fields created several years ago.
A three-foot-long, neon-green snake kept us trapped inside our chalet until David risked his life to scare it away. We later learned it was harmless.
There are two extensive walks on Arenal Lodge's property, including one that passes examples of the many crops grown in Costa Rica.
We couldn't resist visiting Tabacon Hot Springs with its lushly planted grounds surrounding numerous hot springs and pools.