We extended our stay a couple days to sightsee and visit friends:
Downtown LA & Disney Concert Hall
The Getty Center

Santa Monica
Venice Beach

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Our video didn't win on America's Funniest Home Videos, but we had a blast...

We had submitted the video more than 12 years ago, but in March 2004 the ABC-TV show decided to use it. They flew us to L.A. and put us up for two nights at the Hilton Universal City.

      On the day of the taping we were reunited with the family Lorraine had captured on tape in October 1991 as they jumped from boulder to boulder across Rock Creek in Washington. The father used his body as a bridge to span a gap between boulders and his two little girls crawled across him—then he couldn't right himself and fell into the creek.


Our video was given a great title, "Bridge Over Troubled Daughters," but it wasn't enough to win over the adorable little boy trying to hula hoop or the enormous teen elated to receive a cell phone for Christmas. This just proves the old show biz adage, "Never go up against a kid or a dog."