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Letterforum 2006 will be held on the lovely campus of James Madison University.

Our housing at JMU will be in two areas:

Hillside Area
We will be using Bell and Hillside Buildings. All rooms are air-conditioned, standard dorm-room style, with approximately 10 rooms sharing a large bath. Rooms can be single or double occupancy. These dorms do not have elevator access. Hillside Building has a 24-hour computer lab in the lower level.

Bluestone Area:
We will be using Converse, Ashby, and Wampler buildings.
All rooms are air-conditioned, "semi-private" style with 2 double-occupancy rooms joined by 1 bath. (There is an extra charge for these rooms). Rooms can be single or double occupancy. Singles with a private bath are very limited. These buildings have elevator access.

All buildings:

  • All dorms are equipped with coin-operated laundry facilities, TV and recreational lounges, and a community kitchen with full-size refrigerator, microwave and stove.
  • All rooms have telephones. Local calls and 800#s can be made on these phones at no charge.
  • There is NO SMOKING in any dorm room or lobby.
  • Access to dorm buildings will be by key card, which you will receive upon arrival to Letterforum.


All meals at Letterforum will be held in Gibbons Dining Hall, which offers an "all-you-care-to-eat" buffet-style dining experience. The dining hall provides a variety of menu items in a station style set-up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and offers food options such as create-your-own salad and fresh fruit bar, grill, pizza and pasta stations, sandwiches, stir-fry station, and dessert bar. Vegan/vegetarian options are available.

If you want a snack, look for the campus Starbucks (open all day) or Top Dog Cafe (open for lunch only). They are NOT part of the Letterforum meal plan so you need to pay with cash or credit card.

Click on map for larger image.

For further information on housing and meals offered at JMU, please visit the University's Summer Conferences webpage.

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