1996 Trip to Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Florence and Venice

Andiamo luggageMonday, 5/20: United #970 departing Washington/Dulles 5:20 pm.

Tuesday, 5/21: Arrive 7:40 am in Milan. Pick up rental car at Hertz in airport. Drive to Vernazza [Sleep in Vernazza--Trattoria Gianni, phone/fax: 187/812 228.]

Wednesday, 5/22: Walk to a couple neighboring towns in Cinque Terre. [Sleep in Vernazza]

Thursday, 5/23: Drive to Lucca, Pisa, San Gimignano [Sleep in San Gimignano--La Cisterna at 24 Piazza della Cisterna. phone 577/940 328, fax 577/942 080]

Friday, 5/24: Drive to Volterra, then around countryside, then to Siena--return car [Sleep in Siena--Albergo Chiusarelli at 15 Viale Curtatone phone 577/280 562, fax 577/271 177.]

Saturday, 5/25: All day in Siena. [Sleep in Siena.]

Sunday, 5/26: Take early bus to Florence. [Sleep in Florence--Albergo dei Calzaiuoli at 6 Via Calzaiuoli phone 55/212 456 fax 55/268 310]

Monday, 5/27: Walk in Florence. [Sleep in Florence.]

Tuesday, 5/28: Tour Florence museums, churches. [Sleep in Florence.]

Wednesday, 5/29: Part of day in Florence, then take train to Venice. Walk around Venice remainder of day. [Sleep in Venice-Hotel Flora phone 41/520 5844 fax 41/522 8217]

Thursday, 5/30: Tour Venice. [Sleep in Venice.]

Friday, 5/31: Tour Venice; visit Murano. [Sleep in Venice]

Saturday, 6/1: Tour Venice. [Sleep in Venice]

Sunday, 6/2: Train to Milan (ar. 2:50), transfer to 3:25 train to Lucerne, Switzerland (ar. 7:35 pm). [Sleep in Lucerne--Hotel Krone Luzern]

Monday, 6/3: Tour Lucerne. [Sleep in Lucerne]

Tuesday, 6/4: Take early train to Zurich for noon flight home. United #965 departing Zurich 12 noon, arriving Dulles 3:15 pm.