Lorraine’s Watercolors

I have attempted to learn from the artwork of accomplished watercolorists and have provided their names. I was introduced to their art in classes given by Valthea Fry that I’ve been taking for the past three years via Zoom. Each Tuesday she’d introduce her intermediate students to a contemporary watercolorist and her/his techniques, and we'd spend the following week developing our versions.

The artwork that follows isn’t in chronological order (it’s by subject, beginning with landscapes, my favorite) but I know how much I’ve improved, thanks to Val’s instruction and almost-daily painting.

Cottage in Meadow after Hamilton-Pennell.jpg

My most recent watercolors; after Robert Hamilton-Pennell

Path through Park after Hamilton-Pennell.jpg
Bird in forest on gessoed-tissue_Given to Lists.jpg

Watercolors on gessoed paper; above given to Lynne & John.

Bird in Forest_2023.jpg
Aspens in Autumn_2023.jpgAspens with deer_2024.jpg

After Javid Tabatabaei.

I painted this twice, improvising a deer the second time.

Bridge in Yorkshire after Yeoman.jpgBoulders by LS after Yeoman.jpg

Both after Sarah Yeoman.

Bermuda lane in St George_2023.jpg

After a print purchased in St George, Bermuda by J. Forbes. I added the cat.

Martin's Tavern_2022.jpg

Martin’s Tavern in Washington, DC’s Georgetown. I dripped paint onto the white mat for fun.

Fanciful forest.jpg

Fanciful forests after Jeanne Carbonetti; at right given to Rebecca & Justin.

Magical Forest_2022.jpgForest to Rebec-Justin.jpg
Burano reflections after Briggs.jpg

A study of reflections in Burano, Italy; painted in a workshop given by Cindy Briggs.

Above: Canadian Alps in Banff National Park, Alberta; after James Koll. Top right: The Watchman at Zion National Park in Utah; after Cindy Briggs. Right: Landscape near Tucson, given to Tobey.

The Watchman at Zion by LS after Briggs.jpgBanff Alberta Canada_2023.jpgTucson watercolor for Tobey.jpg

I won’t get to see the Northern Lights, but I can try to paint it!

Lake in mountains_2022.jpgLake reflections after Andersson.jpg

Both lake scenes after Anders Andersson. Above given Deb & Jeff.

Waterfall_2022.jpgWinter scene_2008.jpgWinter Shed.jpg

Shed in snowy yard given Deb & Jeff.

Field of blue flowers on gessoed paper.jpg

Above after Joe Cibere using saran wrap. Left on gessoed paper.

Fly fisher_2023.jpg
Snowy hill after Carbonetti.jpg

Path by river using sprayed-on colors; after Cindy Baron.

path by river.jpg

Two early loose landscapes after Jeanne Carbonetti.

Hillside in spring after Carbonetti.jpg
Fishing huts on wooden pier.jpgPortland Head Lighthouse for Linda&Steve_2023.jpg

Portland Head Lighthouse after Thomas Schaller, given to Linda & Steve.

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.

Fishing shacks at left is an early painting.

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.jpg
Dramatic sky meets sea-1.jpgDramatic sky meets sea-2.jpg

From landscapes to seascapes…

River stones after Lee Weiss. Regatta after a collage by Nancy Hammond.

Sailboat regatta_2022.jpgRiver stones 2022.jpg
Sailboats done with blade after Andersson.jpg

Sails done with razor blade; after Anders Andersson.

Palm trees_2008.jpg

Had so much fun I painted it twice; after Cindy Briggs. Lower left given to the Portners.

waves break onto shore.jpgBreaking waves-2 by L after Briggs.jpgBreaking waves-1 by L after Briggs.jpg

Lobster boats given to the Portners.

Bar Harbor ME lobster boats to Portners.jpg
Surfer rides the wave.jpg

I used colors to build up a dark background, then removed some paint to reveal surfer, waves-- and pelican at left.

Pelican landing_2023.jpg

I gave the above to Andrea so painted it again; after Shelley Prior.

Storm at Sea by LS after Prior.jpgStorm at Sea given to Andrea.jpg
Saliboats at sunset after Davidson.jpgSaliboats given to Lucy.jpg

Another painting I gave away (to Lucy) so I painted it again (below); after Lois Davidson.

Kids by the sea_given to DD.jpg

Seaside scene similar to the one I gave to Deanne’s family.

Dunes after dawn.jpg
Loggerhead sea turtle.jpgHeron in shallows from photo_2023.jpg

Egrets are common in Pompano Beach; I painted this silhouette from a friend’s photo.

Sea turtles on Yupo.jpg

Left: watercolor on Yupo, a slippery plastic surface. Below: Loggerheads are the most common sea turtle species to nest in SE Florida.

Dragonfly after Carlson.jpgFantail goldfish after Thomsen.jpg

Dragonfly after Patricia Carlson.

Fantail goldfish with bubbles created by kosher salt; after Mirjam Thomsen.

Sandhill crane dancing.jpg

Sandhill cranes are known for ritual dancing; painting at left given to Lynne & John.

Sandhill crane.jpg
Great white heron_2023.jpg

Two Great White Herons; I painted the heron at right on masa paper for a batik effect. Top right: light from the water illuminates a Great Egret.

Egret in shallows after Barminova.jpgHeron on Massa paper.jpg
Bird explores flower_Yupo_2023.jpgSandhill crane+cricket by LS after Abby Roblet.jpg

I love the fanciful art of Abby Roblet; painting at right is similar to the one given to Lynne & John.

Sea Lion.jpg

Barred owl and sea lion were among the many classes that involved painting textures in watercolor.

Barred owl in knothole_2024.jpg
Chickadees_2024.jpgRooster_2021.jpgTree swallow.jpg

More classes on painting textures and backgrounds.

Waterlilies with purple_2022.jpgWaterlilies in dark pond.jpg

Water lilies after Galina Gomzina.

Sunflowers-1 by LS after McNaughton.jpgSunflowers-2 by LS after McNaughton.jpg

Sunflowers after Rachel McNaughton.

Flowers painted loosely.jpg

Experimenting with painting dark backgrounds to reveal flowers. Art at left after Rae Andrews.

Floral abstration after Andrews.jpg
Flowers in glass after Carbonetti.jpgFlowers in purple-reds after Carbonetti.jpg

In the 1980s I bought my first watercolor book and I’ve loved (and tried to imitate) the work of Jeanne Carbonetti since then.

Floral arrangement +candle after Nagayama.jpg

Painted in a workshop given by Yuko Nagayama.

Based on a photo I took in Peru of a family on their way to a wedding.

Peruvian girl dressed for wedding_2022.jpg
Flowers in vase then cut out.jpgThistles_2023.jpg
Hummingbird at flowers by L after Dean Crouser_2022.jpgPoppies on blue_2021.jpg

Above flower is known as Mist. .

Flower called Mist_2023.jpg

Hummingbird after Dean Crouser.

Right: Using three primary watercolors (red, blue, yellow) and very little water produced poppies that pop.

Peonies in goblet_2023.jpgDouble Delight rose_2023.jpg

Rose at left is the Double Delight hybrid tea I loved to grow in DC before the deer arrived. Peonies after Karen Mai.

Irises by LS after Abby Roblet.jpgIrises in mat_2002.jpg

Fanciful irises after Abby Roblet.

Lynne's Garden given to Lynne.jpgLynne's Garden kept by L.jpg

Lynne’s Garden painted twice (above given to Lynne because it features a flowering shrub she loves).

A few fruity still lifes. Grapes at right painted on Yupo, a plastic surface.

Still life with pumpkins.jpgStill life with peaches.jpgStill life with pears.jpgGrapes on Yupo_2023.jpg
Ball jars and oranges_2021.jpgStill life with copper and pewter.jpg

Class lessons on depicting metals and glass in watercolor.

portrait of Alex Abrams.jpgPortrait of Caden for Debbie Strauss.jpg

Oh baby! Caden (Debbie Strauss’ first grandchild) Alex Abrams (lower right) Lucy Freedman (on the next page she’s 18!)

Portrait of Lucy as toddler.jpg

Two paintings in sepia of Matilda at 15.

Lucy, 18, painted in sepia and raw Sienna to capture her blond hair.

Portrait of Lucy in sepia.jpgPortrait of Matilda.jpgportrait-2 of Matilda in sepia_2023.jpgPortrait of Oliver in sepia_2022.jpgPortrait of Noodle given to Freedman.jpg

Oliver at 12 in sepia watercolor paint.

Top center: the Freedmans’ Golden Doodle named Noodle.

Portrait of David in sepia_2022.jpg

David at 74, painted using four colors: raw Sienna, burnt Sienna, French ultramarine blue and permanent rose watercolors.

I painted this sepia portrait of David a couple years ago from a photo taken around age 50.

Portrait of David at 74.jpg
Portrait of Lettie_2023.jpgportrait of Belfast for Portners.jpgPortrait of Bentley for Joan Murray.jpg

Lettie at 13 and the Portners’ Irish Terrier Belfast.

Bentley gave my friend Joan years of treasured companionship.

Portrait of Lana for Geri.jpg

Given to friend Geri, who takes Lana, a Mini Bernedoodle, to visit residents of assisted living and other facilities.

The End, for now.