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Boulder & Rocky Mountain National Park - Colorado

We ended our trip in Boulder for the wedding of our nephew, staying three nights in a Chautauqua cottage in a lovely setting near the Flatiron Mountains. The wedding took place atop one of the peaks in a stone amphitheater.

Coinciding with the wedding was a "convergence" at the Chautauqua auditorium, which added to the unique experience of staying in this historic community.

The weather there changes rapidly, as we learned on a hike into the mountains. But rain gave way to a double rainbow.

Among downtown Boulder's attractions are the Saturday Farmers Market and the Tea House.

On a day trip into Rocky Mountain National Park, where in mid-September the aspens had turned yellow, our Florida niece experienced her first snowfall. (This was at two miles above sea level as we drove the park road that switchbacks up the mountain.)

Outside park boundaries a young buck tried to pursue some female elk and was momentarily hemmed in by cars.