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Old Faithful Geyser Basin

The famous Old Faithful Geyser is located in the Upper Geyser Basin, home to 150 hydrothermal wonders--all within one square mile (each photo shows a different thermal feature). Five major geysers are predicted regularly by the staff but visitors walking through the basin will see numerous smaller geysers erupting, as well as features such as the glorious Morning Glory Pool.

The extensive Lower Geyser Basin can be viewed along a boardwalk trail at Fountain Paint Pots and by car along Firehole Lake Drive, which passes Fountain Geyser, the sixth geyser predicted by staff.

Yellowstone possesses close to 60 percent of the world's geysers, thanks to its location in an ancient volcano caldera.

We stayed two nights in the historic Old Faithful Inn, an exuberant log structure seven stories high. Nearby is the Visitor Center as well as Old Faithful Lodge (cabins), Old Faithful Snow Lodge and numerous restaurants and shops.



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Above: Old Faithful. Right: White Dome Geyser. Below: Castle Geyer.
Above: Grotto Geyser. Below: Giant Geyser.
Above: Great Fountain Geyser. Below: Grotto Geyser.
Above and below: Riverside Geyser.
Above: Sawmill Geyser. Below: Fountain Geyser.
Above: Geyser Hill near Old Faithful. Below: part of the Upper Geyser Basin.
Above: Morning Glory Pool. Below: Old Faithful Inn.