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Q How can I contact the Letterforum co-directors?
A Email letterforum2006@aol.com. During the conference they will be in the Letterforum Office, also known as the Nuthouse, Room 307 of Taylor Hall. The Letterforum Office phone is 301-693-1061 and Pat Blair's cell is 703-209-6784.

Q Is there an orientation for first-time conference participants?
A Yes! You are warmly invited to participate in Letterforum's Welcome Newcomers Meeting. It will begin at 5 pm on the Saturday of your arrival. Mary Ann David has graciously volunteered to coordinate this meeting. If you have any questions for Mary Ann, send them to Letterforum2006@aol.com to her attention.

Q Will I be able to check my email on campus if I don't bring a laptop?
A Yes, there are common kiosk areas in Warren Hall and in the

Q Where does my guild send its banner for display at Letterforum?
A Please remind your guild's president that guild banners are on display during the conference. Send between July 10 - July 18 to JMU Events and Conferences, GUILD BANNERS, Taylor Hall Room 233, MSC 3501, Harrisonburg, VA 22807.

Q How can I inform Letterforum attendees that I'm available to teach workshops for their guilds?
A The answer is simple: "Have Pen Will Travel." Letterforum will distribute your promotional materials during the annual Guild Representatives Meeting. Please send 150 copies of your promotional packet to Kathy Markham at 221 Jerome Avenue, Carle Place, NY 11514. Questions? Call her at 516-747-6530.

Q Will Letterforum continue the business card exchange?
A As per tradition, if you bring a quantity of your business cards, you will receive an equal number of cards in exchange. Drop off your cards in the Business Card Exchange Box at the Letterforum office (the Nuthouse), Room 307 of Taylor Hall. Cards must be banded together in groups of ten and placed in a large envelope. Your name and the number of cards enclosed must be written on the outside of the envelope. The deadline for leaving your cards is lunchtime on Tuesday. You can pick up your new collection of cards at The Nuthouse on Thursday.

Q Can I exhibit my artwork at Letterforum?
A You are encouraged to share your work, ideas and inspirations with your peers. Bring matted but unframed pieces to display all week in the Participants Exhibit area. (You may want to shrinkwrap them for protection.) Please label each piece with your name and guild.

Q Will we get directions to the campus if we are planning on driving?
A Driving directions are included in the June issue of "In A Nutshell." See also Maps and Transportation.

Q If we do not choose to go to the BBQ on Tuesday, what
are other options for dinner that night?

A You may purchase a meal ticket at the Letterforum office, eat at the Top Dog Café or Starbucks on campus, or you may choose to go into town for a meal.

Q If we just come to visit for a day, can we eat in the cafeteria?
A Meal vouchers to dine in Gibbons will be available for purchase at the Letterforum Office (The Nuthouse) in Taylor 307. The dining hall at JMU has received top marks as one of the ten best university cafeterias in the country! The Top Dog Café and Starbucks will also be open on campus.

Q If I am attending the conference for only half of the week, how will I get to and from the airport?
A We will operate a private shuttle, but we encourage people to rent a car which can then be returned at the other end - either in Harrisonburg or at Dulles.

Q In addition to class time, what other opportunities will I have to gain skills?
A Letterforum participants can arrange for private tutorials with selected faculty, take a 90-minute Mini-Workshop on Saturday and Tuesday, or observe Serendipities on Sunday and Wednesday.

Q What clothes should I pack for Letterforum?
A Comfortable summer clothing, since the temperature will most likely be in the 80s, with an additional layer for wearing inside, since all buildings are air-conditioned.

Q Can we use the campus pool and gym?
A The University Recreation Center (UREC) is open to Letterforum participants and guests for a $6-per-visit fee. Your room key/meal card serves as the General Access Card for the center, but first you need to put money onto the card at a DART machine, located at various points on campus, because UREC does not accept cash. The summer hours for UREC are Saturday noon-5pm, Sunday 4-9pm, Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm, and Friday 11am-7pm. Hikers will enjoy the Edith Carrier Arboretum on the east side of the campus, which is free.

Q Is admission being charged for evening programs, the trade show or exhibits?
A No. Admission is free. Please check for hours of operation.