Classes will be held daily from Sunday, July 23 to Friday, July 28.

The Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday class hours are 8:30-11:30 am and 1-4:30 pm.

The Tuesday and Friday classes will be held in the morning only, 8:30-11:30 am.

* Indicates faculty member available for private tutorials.


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Classes and Faculty
All Week (Sunday through Friday classes):
  A1 Contemporary Decorated Letters All *Karen Ackoff X  
  A2 Ruffs and Tissues: 
Layout Experiments
Int/Adv *Diane von Arx Anderson X  
  A4 Emerging Letters Int *Tim Botts X  
  A7 Leap before you Look:
An Invitation to Lettering
and Landscape
All *Laurie Doctor X  
  A8 Colour – Letters – Marks Int *Hazel Dolby   X
  A11 Improv Studio Int/Adv Judy Melvin X  
  A12 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Letterforum Int Charles Pearce X  
  A13 Make The Script Your Own All *Ieuan Rees X  
  A15 In Our Own Words All Steven Skaggs X  
  A16 Writing and Illuminating
on Vellum
All *Sheila Waters X  
First Half (Sunday through Tuesday classes):
  B2 Pop-up Paper Structures All
Carol Barton
  B5 Watercolor Techniques All Annie Cicale X  
  B6 Paste Paper Books All *Barbara Close X  
  B7 Writing with Color All Nancy Culmone X  
  B8 Drawing for Calligraphers (and those who think they can’t draw) All *Kristen Doty X  
  B9 The New Handlettered Quilt All Lisa Engelbrecht X  
  B11 Traditional Gilding Techniques All *Ken Harris X  
  B12 The Lively Brush Int Eliza Holliday X  
  B13 Playful Letters:
Dance of the Pen
All Carrie Imai X  
  B14 Copperplate:
Beyond the Basics
Beg/Int *Mike Kecseg X  
  B15 Miniature Paintings – Watercolor, Gestural Line and Collage All Sherri Kiesel   X
  B23 Leaf, Vine and Filigree Border Design All *Michael Sull   X
  B24 Marks‘n Metals All *Jacqueline Sullivan X  
  B25 Creative and Expressive Letterforms All Peter Thornton X  
  B26 Basic Black Letter All Julian Waters X  
  B27 Romantically Roman All *Gwen Weaver X  
Second Half (Wednesday through Friday classes):
  C5 Monoline Magic All Annie Cicale X  
  C6 Design Essence of Cardmaking All *Barbara Close X  
  C7 Color It Luscious All Nancy Culmone   X
  C9 Get Wet
Watercolor Canvas Book
All Lisa Engelbrecht   X
  C11 Medieval Painting Techniques All *Ken Harris X  
  C12 Neuland Garden All Eliza Holliday X  
  C13 Italic – Formal to Funky All Carrie Imai X  
  C14 Contemporary Pointed Pen Int/Adv *Mike Kecseg   X
  C15 Pencil Letterforms – Delicacy, Dimension and Discovery All Sherri Kiesel   X
  C18 Calligraphic Papercasting All *Joan Merrell X  
  C19 Sleight of Binding All Cherryl Moote X  
  C21 Tortured Metals,
Tangled Words
All Victoria Pittman X  
  C23 Spencerian and Flourishing All *Michael Sull   X
  C24 Calligraphic Composition All *Jacqueline Sullivan X  
  C25 Texts and Textures
All Peter Thornton X  
  C26 Beyond Basic Black Letter Int Julian Waters X